Today’s world, presents our youth with new challenges to  growing up with a Torah lifestyle and Hashkofa. The secular world tries to dazzle our young with lights, sounds and images that captures their imaginations. They then proceed to feed them a life style that denies our values, believes and heritage. Their methodology is very powerful, especially when exposed to the outside street. The Yetzer-Hora is always coming up with new ideas and temptations.

This challenge must be addressed continuously. We can not rest on our previous successes. If we, as parents and educators, will not be on guard continuously, we will fail in our mission.

After dealing with children for over 30 years in various programs, I formulated an approach and put it into this website. This site will ב”נ list numerous articles on the subject of youth at risk and חינוך. With time, a 35 week educational curriculum for kids will also appear on this site. In the lower right, there is a section listing the various resources available today for parents and educators dealing with this critical issue.

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