This site was published as a result of my experiences over the past 30+ years. This includes children, teens, and adults. During that time, I ran multiple children programs, adult Kiruv-Richokim classes, and some work in Kiruv-Krovim. My background is basically Chassidik but it includes Mussar and Kabalah. The Kabalah is mostly from Chassidik and Mussar siforim, Kav Hayosher and some Zohar.

From 2010, I have been running weekly classes for children 9-12 years old; with some being as young as 6. These classes are on character building as well as Halacha (as it pertains to children). I have always strived to bring relevance to each student and not teach abstract concepts. The material that I teach has to be relevant to each student or it will not be absorbed.

Since 1992, I have been running several Chevras-Tehilim prayer groups for children ranging from 6-12 years of age. This has exposed me to the many problem and concerns faced by over a generation of students; how they deal with this today verses years gone by. The experience has taught me a lot about what works with today’s children.

My frustration eight years ago with the way children behave and participate in Shul Davening (prayers), had motivated me to start my own Davening Program within the various Shuls that I am affiliated with. The immediate results were astonishing with much gratitude from the Rabbis and parents.

For the period between 1998-2005, I taught adults at Aish HaTorah in the Upper West Side of NYC. The topics ranged from weekly Torah readings to Halacha and Kabalah. We also addressed all contemporary problems of the day from a Torah prospective.

In all my children programs, we focused a lot on motivation, character building, compassion for others and respecting their feelings. This helped foster an environment of growth and willingness to always strive for higher goals.

During the Passover holiday (from 2000 to 2014), I lectured and ran full week seminars on contemporary issues in Judaism. We gave classes on Torah codes, Kabalah, moral relativism, “Why the Jew?” , oral-law vs. written law, plus many more topics.

Combining all the above experience led me to come to some of the conclusions presented in this web site.

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