Kids At Risk I

Posted by admin on August 10, 2015

Common Causes for Kids At Risk

(Alexander Guth/718-972-4611)

  • Rebellious Student
    1. Lack of  Yiras-Shomeiyim (Y-S) and any meaningful relationship toward Ha’
    2. Lack of respect and Hakoras-HaTov toward Parents
    3. Lack of respect for one’s Rebbe, Elders, and School Authorities
    4. Abusive Behavior: Bullying, Alcoholism, Drugs, …
    5. Adversely Influencing friends and others to join in their  bad behavior
    6. Disruptive Behavior: Chilul-Shabbos, Drugs, Drinking, Smoking, …


  • Regular Melamdim
    1. Too much focus on how much is covered and not enough on  Y-S with middos tovas.
    2. Yiras-Shomeiyim (Y-S)  is not really taught today. At best, it is given lip service.
    3. Need Melamdim who really are Y-S and not just speak the part ( & no obscene abuse).
    4. Watching a Melamed when davening outside of school will tell you a lot of who he really is.
    5. You can’t give it (Y-S & Hashkofa) if you don’t have it!
    6. Melamed  must be totally honest. Hypocrisy can destroy a student.
    7. Children pick up when the Melamed isn’t real. (even if only emotionally)
    8. Must teach the  emotion  along with the motion of all mitzvahs;  No disconnect!
    9. No calls or texts/emails in class or Shul!  (R.H. Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky)


  • Some Parents
    1. Want children but not the job of raising them.
    2. Busy with themselves and everyone else; except their own children.
    3. Lack of personal time and attention for each child.
    4. Putting emphasis on latest fashion and electronics sends wrong message.
    5. No real respect (esp. in business) for Rabbonim and Halacha.
    6. Not teaching relationship building to children. Everything is reduced to money.
    7. No calls or texts/emails in Shul!  (R.H. Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky)
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