Kids At Risk II

Posted by admin on August 16, 2015

Possible Suggestions

The following points were tried in my shiurim during the past 4 years.

  • Taught relationships (parents, family, friends). Then taught relationship to Ha’.
  • Taught the beauty and sweetness of being close to Ha’ at a child’s level. Build up a strong desire.
  • Got them involved during each lesson.  Tried to interact with most of the students.
  • Students were involved and participated during the lesson.
  • Lessons were relevant to student and not just abstractly intellectual. They related to the material.
  • Students understood that they can do it! This is not only for Tzadikim.
  • Ha’ is our loving father who wants to see us happy and well. It hurts him a lot when we go through the consequence of our bad actions.
  • Each lesson had example the students related to.
  • To make the lesson more personal, we set up homework experiments. They reported back on how it went and what problems they encountered.
  • Worked on not pushing away the Shechina.  Stop bad habits and behavior.
  • Worked on trying to get closer to Ha’ with very practical and doable suggestions.
  • Worked a lot on Tefillah, its’ meaning and how to implement it according to Chassidus & Mussar.
  • Explained the mitzvah of honoring your parents and its importance in the service of Ha’.
  • Explained serving Ha’ with mesiras nefesh according to their level. Had them do experiments at home with this concept.
  • Required each one to do 30 days of  mesiras nefesh in middos-tovos. Then 30 days of honoring ones parents with mesiras nefesh because Ha’ commanded it.
  • We also experimented with giving of yourself  without getting anything back (Leshem Shomiyim).
  • We discussed the concept of “doing without” for Ha’ sake.


For a full course curriculum you can reach me (Alexander Guth) at 855-294-6874.

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